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Brashier Crosby, P.L.L.C., is focused on delivering quality title opinions to our clients that are shaped by their needs and deferential to cost and the value of time.  Our approach is unique in that we work to keep open the lines of communication and build relationships with the many internal and external landmen we work with, since many of our attorneys began their careers as landmen.  The result is that we are able to keep our clients better informed with respect to their interests, to take certain curative measures, and to prepare for and resolve any potential title failures.


Brashier Crosby’s title examination team includes a strong core group of experienced oil and gas lawyers who have extensive knowledge and practice in the examination of title and preparation of title opinions for drilling, division orders, financing transactions, and acquisitions.  The firm currently employs 14 attorneys, many of whom have prior experience in various land roles.  Brashier Crosby can provide title examination for properties in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  Properties examined range from urban shale plays with units involving hundreds of lots to more traditional title examination in rural areas including both exploratory plays and complex secondary recovery units.  We are capable of handling all of your title opinion projects with the flexibility to accommodate both long-term and rush projects across the country.


Brashier Crosby, P.L.L.C. provides oil and gas and real estate transactional representation for our clients for a broad array of situations.  Our attorneys understand the wide range of issues that can arise in a given transaction, and help our clients navigate these potential pitfalls in a knowledgeable and approachable way.  The attorneys at Brashier Crosby are ready to assist you with any of the following:

Commercial Real Estate

• Property Acquisitions and Divestitures

• Due Diligence

• Development Projects

• Commercial Lease Agreements

• Property Management

• Sale and Leaseback Transactions

Oil and Gas

• Acquisitions and Divestitures of Producing Properties, Leases and Mineral Interests

• Exploration, Production and Operating Agreements

• Farm-out Agreements

• Surface and Seismic Agreements

• Counsel for Operating and Pooling issues

• Preparation of Curative Title Documents

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